Professional Accordion Tuner v.2.2


The unique possibilities of this tuner simplify and accelerate the tuning process considerably. The tuner has a large range from E0 up to C9, a very high accuracy of less than 0.05 Hz (waves of longer than 20 seconds) and can measure to three reeds at the same time. Because of this the tuning of the accordion can be measured without disabling reeds before opening the case. The real frequencies of the reeds which are influenced by each other and by the case can be measured now. This way it is considerably simpler and quicker to select the reed that deviates and needs attention. The tuner measures beatings that arise because the reeds sound together and shows these in Cent or Hertz. Beatings cannot be measured accurately enough by measuring the reeds separately, but by measuring them at the same time it is accurate enough. The measured beatings are compared to the beating list of the accordion concerned which indicates the desired beating for each note. This beating list can be produced rapidly and simply using a graph in the tuner. The extra module: Record and report The tuner can be extended with a module that can record and save all notes of the accordion quickly and create a report afterwards. This report gives the error of each reed in an easy to read table. After opening the accordion, the reeds which deviate too much can be corrected on the tuning table using the values from the report. The reeds (that have a deviated frequency outside the case) will get the correct frequency after being put back in the accordion. The report can be printed again afterwards and join the accordion as a tuning report. Measure chords and octaves Also chords (three reeds) and octaves (two or three reeds in several octaves) can be measured by the tuner, so the case does not need to be opened for these as well.

The unique possibilities of this tuner ...

  • Professional Accordion Tuner
  • 2.2
  • Dirks Projects
  • Windows Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 1.06 Mb
  • 137
  • $145.00

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