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Brief Description:Mac and Windows XP provide increased color management. Five "inkpots" have been added to store colors from the Color Wheel. To change text color, highlight the text and click on an inkpot with the desired color.You can choose font, font size, style (bold, italic, underlined, color) on a letter by letter basis. Until you register, you are limited to five Sections and you can not print. These limitations are removed after registration.When My Journal is launched for the first time, you see the CSoM Registration Window. Click on the "Demo Mode" button to try the application. When you enter the Demo Mode, you see the above window. You can drag the bottom right corner to make this window larger or click on the (green) Maximize button at the top left of the window to fill the display. The "inkpots" are located under the "Color" button. To fill an inkpot with color, click on the "Color" button, select a color and click on the "OK" button. The selected color will fill the "Swatch" (small box to the right of the "Color" button). Then hold down the Control key and drag from inside the Swatch to the inkpot.The first step is to add a Section. Click on the "New" button to bring up the above window where you enter a Section name and click on the "OK" button.The Section name is now displayed in the Sections List on the left and in the Selected Section field. Text has been entered into the large field on the right. The default style attributes are Arial font, font size 12, no Bold, no Italics, no Underline, and the text color is black. To change the text's attributes, select the text (drag across or double-click a word to select it, etc.) and change the desired attributes.Above, you see three inkpots have been filled with color, a new Section named "Lawn Service" has been added and the text has been set for Helvetica font with blue paragraph titles. You can bring up the first Section by clicking on that Section in the Sections List. To delete a section, click on the Section in the Sections List and click on the "Delete" button.Above, you see that all five inkpots have been filled with color, the name of the first Section has been changed, a third Section has been added and the text uses a variety of styles on a character by character basis. You can drag Section names up or down to change the order or click on the header (Section) at the top of the list to sort the Section names from a-z or z-a.To print all text in a Section, click on the Section name in the Sections List, choose the Portrait orientation from the File > Page Setup and choose File > Print Selected Section. To print a portion of a Section's text, select the text, choose the Portrait orientation from the File > Page Setup, and choose File > Print Selected Section Text. My Journal's window size and position, Section names, texts and styles are saved between sessions.

Brief Description:Mac and Windows XP provide ...

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