Ma Tirelire v.1.0.7


Ma Tirelire 1.0.7 comes to you as such a bank account manager for Palm OS which is available in English, French, Italian, and Czech languages.Key Functions:Sum type: The principle of this function is to allow the user to obtain an account balance based on a date or a specific parameter...Flagging: Flagging one or more transactions not only allows the user to highlight them, but it also take advantage of the sum type function.Auto-clearing: You want to find and/or flag a special transaction? Ma Tirelire will help you thanks to this function.Clearing: This function lets the user precisely compare the transactions in Ma Tirelire to those present on the bank statement.Aid to clearing and automatic clearing: To help you to evaluate the situation on your bank statement, Ma Tirelire provides you an aid to clearing screen which embed an automatic clearing feature.Purge clearedRepeats list: To manage your repeated transactions in a trice, Ma Tirelire provides you a specific screen to do it.Short statistics: If you want to evaluate the situation on your account, Ma Tirelire allows you to have a quick situation: the "short statistics".Statistics: If you want to follow and analyze your expenses, Ma Tirelire will help you thanks to its statistics module.Descriptions and Macros: In Ma Tirelire it is possible to gain time by predefining descriptions of transactions that you frequently come across (pay, supermarkets, taxes...).Description / Macro properties:Payment Modes: Since your payment modes remain the same (Debit/Credit card, Cheque, direct debit, credit transfer, ...), to gain time you can predefine a list (the "Modes").Operation Type: You can create a list of purchase catagories ("type") to allow you to divide up and record your purchasing habits.Currencies: You might need to do you shopping with another currency, for various reasons (travel, Internet shopping, ...).Utilisation des devises: Changing the list view: Maybe you would like to personalise the list view in Ma Tirelire, so here is an example in colour.Wildcard characters: To provide more possibilities, Ma Tirelire handle the following special characters: * ? ! |Number repeats: To keep the control over all your repeated transactions, you can set a number in the transaction description that will be raised by one for each repeat, or even set the month.Manage statement numbers: When you clear you bank statements, you can associate each transaction to the statement number on which it appears.Dynamic description: To provide you always more features, Ma Tirelire allows to make descriptions / macros dynamic.Search for a transaction: To find a specific transactoin, you can (must) use the search module included in PalmOS.Keys use: If your PALM has a Navigator keypad (PDA with PalmOS 5), it is possible to use it to do some interesting things.Major Features: It offers:European currencies/Euro management,Multi-accounts,Statistics,Inter accounts transfer, repeats management,Maximal visibility, 12 transactions at a time,Fast transactions creation by direct typing or macros,Cleaning & flagging transactions in list mode,Automatic check number management,Contextual menu in list mode,Transaction copy,And more.Requirements:Palm OS 2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x

Ma Tirelire 1.0.7 comes to you as such a bank ...

  • Ma Tirelire
  • 1.0.7
  • Ma Tirelire
  • Palm OS 3.x, Palm OS 2.x, Palm OS 4.x
  • Freeware
  • 628 Kb
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  • Free

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