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Ichos-GSL targets the General Service List, allowing educators and researchers to carry out relatively sophisticated classifications of GSL headwords according to phonetic and orthographic criteria. The database is composed of the 2,300 transcribed forms of the 2,284 GSL headwords and includes syllable boundaries as well as primary/secondary stress information (the extra 16 transcriptions correspond to words that have different pronunciation due to part of speech and/or meaning). The dialect model employed for transcription is North American English and where alternative pronunciations for a word are available, the one deemed more frequently used has been selected. The choice of dialect is arbitrary and exclusively based on convenience (ours, in particular, as we manufactured the data for an earlier work). Feature List Specific Functionality for Specialized Work Some of the most interesting features of Ichos-GSL are: Features Description Phonetic Search Sophisticated patterns make it possible to extract sublists with specific phonetic criteria including stress and syllable boundaries. Orthographic Search Sophisticated patterns make it possible to extract sublists with specific orthographic criteria. Pattern management Search patterns can be saved for later use. Results management Search results can be saved for later use. Portability Fully functional when run from portable devices such as a USB. Price Absolutely 100% free of charge. Phonetic fonts Ichos-GSL is self-contained and does not require phonetic fonts to be preinstalled. Direct input Entering phonetic symbols directly with keystrokes corresponding to the SAMPA encoding. Symbol table Next to the phonetic search entry field, a symbol table provides instant access to all phonetic symbols available. Relevant examples The documentation includes numerous of examples that illustrate orthographic and phonetic searches.

Ichos-GSL targets the General Service List, ...

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