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HealthEngage Health Record is a superior and simple to use tool which allows you to digitally record essential information about your health and health history which can then be printed out in specially formatted reports for use by you or your healthcare professional. Imagine being able to hand your child's school nurse a detailed printout of your child's immunization history or hand your doctor a detailed family health history printout instead of having to spend 30 minutes filling out papers in their office. With HealthEngage Health Record you can keep a digital record of your own or your family's health history including:IllnessesHospitalizationsSurgeries and ProceduresImmunizationsAllergies and SensitivitiesFamily HistoryContact InformationLifestyle InformationEmergency ContactsHealthcare ProvidersInsurance InformationPlus: Your weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.The medications and supplements you are taking or have taken.Regular and occasional medical tests and procedures. Common test templates are included, so that you can easily enter test results for such tests such as cholesterol. You can also set up your own tests to record virtually any test or result.Daily activities and exercises based on over 650 activities with pre-calculated calorie burn rates from the Sports Medicine Association of America.Meals, recipes, diets. Add your own foods and recipes or use over 6,700 foods from the latest official USDA database.You can also: Generate colorful graphs for many different grams of nutrients (separate for each nutrient), calories consumed and burned, exercises, any measurement or test, medications or supplements taken, and more.Generate over 20 different types of detailed one-step charts and reportsSet up custom notifications for such things as exercise reminders, nutritionist appointments, or any other alert.Record personal notes and observations.Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

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  • HealthEngage Health Record
  • FireLogic
  • Mac OS X Intel, Mac OS X PPC
  • Commercial
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  • $69.99

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