HanWJ Chinese Input Engine v.4.41


HanWJ Chinese Input Engine provides a Chinese input platform for various Windows systems. It enables you to type Chinese on general application software, e.g., Microsoft Word,Internet Explorer,Messenger,etc. HanWJ Chinese Input Engine can be launched from "Start" menu, or from its desktop icon. After launching, on lower screen, you should see a HanWJ Chinese Input Engines toolbar. Figure 1 shows this toolbar and descriptions for various buttons on this toolbar. When using HanWJ Chinese Input Engine, please close other Chinese Platform or set their input mode to English mode. When inputing Chinese,HanWJ Chinese Input Engine will display, near the input caret, the input key sequence and the Chinese character or word candidates corresponding to that input key sequence. See figure 2. The rule to select candidate is: for first candidate, use number key "1" or spacebar, for second candidate, use number key "2", and so on (for input selection purposes, "0" key represents number 10). If there are only n candidates (n < 10), then all number key greater than n will also select the n-th candidate. To increase fault-tolerance, it can be set that number key "1" also select second candidate, this is because selecting first candidate is already very convenient by using spacebar. The first and second candidates are the most used ones. Chinese input can be set to input simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese. HanWJ Chinese Input Engines User Interface can be either Chinese (simplified or traditional) or English. This setting only affects user interface, it has no effect on the content of Chinese input. Tip: you can set input to be traditional Chinese and user interface to be simplified Chinese, then, when inputing Chinese, you will see candidates shown in simplified Chinese, but the Chinese text entered into document will be traditional Chinese.

HanWJ Chinese Input Engine provides a Chinese ...

  • HanWJ Chinese Input Engine
  • 4.41
  • HanWJ.com
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 19.21 Mb
  • 583
  • $49.00

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