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Digital Home Angel 1.00.0000 is a powerful and easy to use monitoring software, which uses your computer and attached cameras to monitor your premises and it acts as a intelligent sentry(guard) to warn you when it detects intrusion in the purview of the camera. DHA offers you many user friendly features which are useful for ensuring security in day to day life. AIandC has developed DHA incorporating advanced Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing techniques. These techniques offer immense advantages over the passive systems(CCTV-DVR) that are traditionally being marketed. When DHA detects an intrusion it automatically sounds an alarm through the speaker and telephone and also sends an email message, with a snapshot of the intrusion. and also an SMS message to a cell phone. Thus it acts like an Intelligent Sentry and there is no need of an operator to keep watching the video screen. It records the video with date and time stamp on to your disk. The AI software eliminates false alarms unlike other systems which merely detect motion without finding out if it is caused by genuine intrusion. or is just noise. Because it is a software which runs for 24 X 7 hours per week DHA is ever Vigilant. DHA has been developed in such a way that it almost installs itself on your PC and it does not require any special computer skills to use it.AI&C has developed Digital Home Angel (DHA) which works on Microsoft Windows, incorporating advanced Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing techniques. These techniques offer immense advantages over the passive systems that are traditionally being marketed. Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence allows DHA to offer unique features and add immensely to the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the current security measures being adopted. Unique Motion Detection Algorithm: Our unique motion detection algorithm allows user to define and change coverage area.This algorithm also allows user to set motion sensitive levels. Supports 4 Cameras: User can connect up to 4 cameras.DHA supports all the cameras, which supports RGB24 compression format. Most of the web cameras support this RGB24 format.User can also connect CCTV cameras through the connected TV-Tuner cards or any other PCI cards which supports RGB 24 compression format.User can define and change coverage area: DHA has user-friendly tool to define Coverage area ( restricted region ).User can define multiple restricted regions with in the camera purview. DHA has user-friendly tool to schedule DHA. User can schedule DHA for only once.User can schedule DHA for the entire week.Video recording & Video Player: Whenever there is an intrusion, Video images are stored with date and time stamp.User can play the recorded video files using inbuilt Video player. The Digital Angel is versatile software, it has many features and it is not necessary for you to use all the features. We list below the hardware and software requirements for DHA, most modern PC's possess these features but it is best that you check it out. The following is a preferred Configuration: RAM: 256 mega bytes (MB).Processor: 2.4 Gigahertz, Pentium Four.Hard Drive: (Video recording) Approx 80GB. (You can use lesser disk space, however, whenever the disk becomes full the video recording would stop, but DHA will still keep working)Digital Cameras or Web Cameras: (which supports RGB 24 Format) connected to the computer with appropriate interfaces, Most digital cameras support RGB 24 format. If you wish to use a CCTV camera then you need to connect it to the computer through an internal TV-tuner card.An Internet connection is necessary for sending SMS and E-mails.Monitor Resolution: Minimum 1024 X 768.Modem that can handle Data as well as Voice Protocols. Modem is required only if you don't have Internet, So that Telephonic alarms can be sent through your landline.Major Features: Compatible with Microsoft WindowsUnique motion detection algorithmSupports 4 camerasUser can define and change coverage areaUser can schedule DHAVideo recording and Video playerMultiple levels of alertsPreferable hardware configuration for the working of DHAWareSeeker Editor

Digital Home Angel 1.00.0000 is a powerful ...

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