Cryptogram Analyzer v.1.0


Most people are familiar with cryptograms in some form or another, the daily newspaper often has a section devoted to them. However, only a handful of people are really any good at solving them. And it usually takes them some time to do so. Yet, they find the process of substituting one character for this or that character to be quite exciting, as they can see they are about to discover what inner meaning is hidden inside the puzzle. For the lazy among us, there is simply no hope for us that this puzzle is ever going to be solved. We either do not have the patience or the motivation (perhaps both for that matter). But, maybe there is a glimmer of hope. Computers are quite good when it comes to calculating numbers and performing mathematical operations. However, numbers are one thing - arent English phrases quite another? Actually, the answer is no. Computers understand characters in a system called ASCII. This system is a means to represent the alphabet and many other characters numerically. Thus, the letter A is taken to mean the number 65, the letter B as 66, the letter C as 67, and ad infinitum. These are simply the upper-case characters. The computer also differentiates between case, so lower-case a is 97. Now that characters can be represented as numbers, we can see that the computer is able to perform character substitution just like humans are able to do so. The trick is in finding out which characters ought to be substituted for another, and then determining if the substitutions actually make any sense. The first step - that of determining which substitutions to make - is actually one of the more difficult tasks. However, the process is rather easy to understand. My approach uses essentially the same method that Edgar Allen Poe proposed in his short story "The Gold-Bug". In this story, Poe explains that the most frequently occurring character in English phrases is the letter E, which is then subsequently follwed by A, O, I, and s

Most people are familiar with cryptograms in ...

  • Cryptogram Analyzer
  • 1.0
  • Daniel Parrott
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