Celledoor Bible v.0.7.5


System Requirements: * Any machine that can run an HTML 2.0 compliant web browser * Most popular web browsers work, however Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater may be needed to display the certain png images properly. * A minimum screen width of 800 pixels is also recommendedKnown Bugs: * Table of contents not in traditional order * Some Catechism links may not be accurate, due to the difference between the Vulgate numbering and the modern numbering using Greek and Hebrew text * If the Vatican website is not available for the Catechism links, then you will get a 404 error * Matthew to 1 Corinthians are missing text decoration for the Haydock * 2 Chronicles are missing * Haydock rewrite done from Matthew to Colossians * Earlier chapters of Matthew's Haydock commentary are not rewritten * Coloring style of the Haydock commentary does not occur until Acts 7 * Greek lettering style of the Haydock commentary does not occur until after 2 Corinthians * Some of the the table of contents should be in Latin but are in English * The table of contents starts with Matthew and not with GenesisMarch 4, 2009 cpdv-ebe-bible-0.7.5.zip 126.66MB * added the Douay-Rheims Bible * started clean-up of Haydock commentary * Old Testament book 1 Kings, 2 Kings and 1 Chronicles added (1 more to go!) * pop-up windows on commentary, interpretations, and Catechism links in the English translation * Added more artwork * Added Protestant canon for comparison: Authorized Version (KJV) and World English Bible (WEB) * corrected javascript errors in the jump input box * jump input box will redirect to Vatican site for Catechism numbers * back-end totally rewritten using XML/XSLT for easier maintenance * Original javascript released under LGPL

System Requirements: * Any machine that can ...

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