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Best Forex Trading ! How To Make Massive Profits Trading World Markets ! How a very small percentage of a very big market can make you a very large profit ! Best Forex Trading ! How To Make Massive Profits Trading World Markets ! How a very small percentage of a very big market can make you a very large profit ! The global forex market is the sum of all the money that travels between all of the countries of the world every day - around $2 TRILLION of it. "Hard cash" is required at the close of every deal. You can make just as much profit on a currency going down as going up in value. Try that trick on your equity portfolio. There are no extra commission costs involved such as those with futures. Itls just one narrow spread paid automatically on one side of each trade. Because of the immense market size you are virtually guaranteed to get a virtually instantaneous fill on your trades - no more waiting for someone to take that stock or option off your hands. Trading is carried out over the internet - however and wherever you like - so no more ringing up harassed brokers to place your business (unless you want to, of course). The market trades 24 hours a day through the week, Monday to Friday. Tokyo to London to New York the sun never sets on the forex market. You can trade in the morning, afternoon or evening, whatever suits you. And you can trade full or part time forex can fit in with you rather than you having to work around particular exchange opening hours. The market moves in forex tend to be strong and long lasting, unlike many in the index futures markets which can often be hesitant and short lived. The main forex brokers offer guaranteed entries and exits on stops and limits. That means the numbers you feed into the system will be the numbers actually traded, without the Lslippagel so often seen in futures trading. The markets themselves are very simple. Forex might be very big, but itls also very simple. Think of it as being the supertanker of traded markets.

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