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A-Bible 3.2.0 can be considered as a proper and useful application designed to equip you for multilingual Bible study. Integrates English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Greek Bible translations as well as Finnish and Norwegian. A-Bible includes several Japanese versions that are not usually available in any other Japanese Bible study software.Benefits:A-Bible is software to equip you for multilingual Bible studyCompatible with both Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Win 7) and Mac intel (OS X 10.3-6)Integrates English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Greek Bible translations as well as Finnish and NorwegianHas more Japanese versions available than any other Japanese Bible study softwareVersions available for use in A-Bible: NIV, ESV, NAS, ASV, KJV, Shinkaiyaku (with furigana/rubi), Shinkyodoyaku, Kogoyaku, Japanese Living Bible, Gendaiyaku, Emmaus Publishing New Testament, Tsukamoto New Testament, Bungoyaku New Testament (with furigana/rubi), Kogoyaku 1955 version (with furigana/rubi), Korean Living Bible, Chinese New Version (Simplified & Traditional), Chinese Union Version (Simplified & Traditional), 1938 Suomi (Finnish), 1906 NorwegianFeatures include powerful search options, easy copy and paste, links to Bible resources like dictionaries and commentaries, display of furigana, compare multiple passages verse-by-verse or chapter-by-chapter and more.Greek Language resources including UBS 4 Greek NT with Friberg"s AGNT grammatical tagging, CATSS LXX Septuagint Greek OT with grammatical tagging and Strong"s numbers (Amato), Byzantine -Majority Text (Robinson-Pierpont), TIschendorf (Peterson), Scriviner -Textus Receptus, Stephens - Textus Receptus, Westcott-Hort - Alexandrian TextMajor Features:SearchPowerful and flexible options to help you search the Bible.View and FuriganaFurigana from the 3rd edition of the Shinkaiyaku displayed inline. Furigana is also included in the Kogoyaku 1955 and Bungoyaku.DictionariesClassic Bible dictionary collection - Naves, Eastons and Smiths - directly accessible from within the Bible text or as a separate resource.Cross ReferencesMakes the wealth of information hidden in cross references accessible by simply moving the mouse over the note.Gather ToolEasy one-step collection of multiple passages for copy and paste. It saves the time and hassle of view/copy/paste of each verse.Concordance ToolA complete concordance of each English and Greek version. The results can be displayed in 3 styles.LookUp!Mini Presentation module that makes displaying Scripture references using a projector very quick and simple.GreekUBS Greek NT 4th ed. and Friberg"s AGNT grammatical data plus: Byzantine -Majority Text, TIschendorf, Scriviner -TReceptus, Stephens - Textus Receptus, Westcott-Hort - Alexandrian TexTatsujin LinkThe Bible Master"s commentary, dictionaries and other resources are tightly integrated into A-Bible.Requirements:Intel only

A-Bible 3.2.0 can be considered as a proper ...

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