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The latest release of XCALC is version 2.9.3. This is a small bugfix. I have only tested this version on Win XP pro, but I assume it works well with any version of Windows upwards from 98 or 2000. I believe that neither NT4 nor Win95 will do any more. Wine (under Linux) works mostly quite well, but read the bugs section under online help (admittedly a little difficult, since the main problem is help support). If you have any queries, praise, complaints or whatever, do drop me a line. Youll find a clickable item in the XCALC about box. The only condition for your using XCALC is that you send me an email. Porting XCALC? I frequently receive requests for a port of XCALC to various platforms - Linux, Windows Mobile, Symbian... The answer is: NO I do not plan any ports. There was a project years ago for a native Linux port, but that stalled due to lack of interest, and I do not want to repeat that exercise. Sorry.

The latest release of XCALC is version 2.9.3. ...

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