Super calculator v.1.10


We proudly Declare that the software is the best calculator among all of this kind programs found on the internet by us.Please do not skip the opportunity from downloading and using it, which is also totally free!This version includes following main functionalities:Common functionsWe add as many functions of this kind as possible to suit your common requests.Such as trigonometry, statistics, convert, logical and string functions.Bits functionsIncludes all bits operations for IT researches.Such as bit wise AND, bits shift, maximum and minimum integer values in binary, quaternary, octal and hexadecimal formats.Complex functionsSatisfies all complex computations.Point functionsWhich focus on points in n-dimensional space.Such as to calculate distance from a point to a line.Vector and Matrix functionsWhich satisfy requests of Linear Algebra.Such as to calculate inverse, determinant of a matrix and get solution of liner equations.Magical things are that +, - and * can be used Between vectors and matrixes as in math books.Definite integral functionsWhich provide easy ways to calculate area and curve length for any kind 2-D functions in x-y and polar coordinate systems.Series functionA single series function can calculate all series of the world and more by your creations.Double, triple series or any more level series are valid by the dramatic function.Product functionSimilar to series function, the single product function can calculate all products.Double, triple products or any more level products are valid by the the function.Equation root functionWhich can find any nth roots for any kind equations.Draw locus functionsWhich draws locus of user functions in both x-y and polar coordinate systems.

We proudly Declare that the software is the ... The software is the best calculator among all of this kind programs ...

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  • Super calculator
  • 1.10
  • SyncEdit
  • WinXP, Win2000, Win98
  • Freeware
  • 819 Kb
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  • Free

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