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Tutorial Significant Figures Shows how to identify the significant figures in a given number and provides a few simple rules for expressing a given number correct to a specified number of significant figures. Simple mental exercises at the end of each session help students to remember the rules learnt. Standard Form (Scientific Notation) Worked examples on conversion from ordinary form to Standard Form, conversion of Standard form to ordinary form, addition and subtraction of numbers in Standard Form, multiplication and division of numbers in Standard Form Practice Significant Figures SigniFigures is capable of generating thousands of numbers for drills to ensure that the student masters what he has learnt. The student may also enter his own numbers and let SigniFigures check whether his answers are correct. This feature can help the student do his homework. Standard Form (Scientific Notation) A new section provides practice on conversion between numbers in Standard and ordinary forms, and sums on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers in Standard Form. Examples Many examples are provided to help students who have difficulty in doing the sums. Reports You can print out a report at the end of each practice session. The report shows each sum with its correct answer and the students answer marked. It also includes the percentage score, the average time taken to do each sum and other details. Special Features SigniFigures automatically uses the decimal separator (decimal symbol) and the thousands separator (digit grouping symbol) set in the system. The thousands separator and format can also be changed without affecting those set in the system. For significant figures, it allows students to key in the answers either in ordinary form or in standard form (scientific notation), that is, A x 10n, where the value of A is from 1 to below 10 and n is any integer.

Tutorial Significant Figures Shows how to ...

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