Number Theory v.1.0


Number Theory is a collection of 27 small and free programs with various applications in the Number Theory.Here are some key features of "Number Theory":dlTE Prime numbersdlTE prime factorsdlTE prime desertsdlTE primality testdlTE twin prime pairsdlTE nextprimedlTE Goldbach conjecturedlTE Collatz conjecturedlTE continued fractionsdlTE pi digitsdlTE Pascal TriangledlTE modpowdlTE Pythagorean triplesdlTE aliquot sequencesdlTE order of A modulo PdlTE divisorsdlTE quadratic congruencedlTE quadratic residuesdlTE diophantine equationsdlTE Sophie Germain numbersdlTE amicable numbersdlTE least quadratic non residue and least primitive rootdlTE Fibonacci numbersdlTE Mordell's equationdlTE N = x^2 + y^2dlTE sqrt(2) fractionsdlTE x^2 - x + 41.

Number Theory is a collection of 27 small and ...

numbers, number, order, primitive, root, theory

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