Lynkeos for Mac OS v.2.4


A Cocoa application dedicated to the processing of astronomical digital images taken through a telescope. It is a 'sUniversal binary' running natively on PowerPC and Intel Macintoshes. It is optimized for vectorized instructions sets (Altivec or SSE), multi-processor and multi-core machines.

It allows to align, select and stack the best images in a sequence ; and further process the result with image processing algorithm such as deconvolution, wavelet, Lucy-Richardson, unsharp masking, and any algorithm provided by plugins.

This software accepts, as input, QuickTime sequences or still images, in any image format supported by its active plugins and Cocoa. It generates, as output, a 16 bits or floating point TIFF image, or any format supported by its plugins.
- Correction of TIFF display on Intel
- Support for floating point TIFF
- Add of a process toggling on/off in the process stack window
- Implementation of a cache for image processing,
- Refactoring of process chaining,
- Fix of a bug in display when switching to/from calibration frames
- Many more enhancements.

A Cocoa application dedicated to the ...

  • Lynkeos for Mac OS
  • 2.4
  • 03 May 12
  • Jean-Etienne LAMIAUD
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Freeware
  • 3.4 Mb
  • 247
  • Free

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