ElectristHD v.1.161


ElectristHD 1.161 is regarded as a highly-efficient, high-quality electrical and electronic engineering calculator for Palm OS.Major Feautres: The most complete set of calculations - over 90 formulas & variations:Integrated Ohm's Law/Watt's Law CalculatorResistor Color Code CalculatorSeries and Parallel Resistance, Inductance, or Capacitance Calculator (Series/Parallel RLC)Unknown Value of Parallel Resistance, Parallel Inductance, or Series CapacitanceVoltage and Current Drop Calculator (aka Voltage or Current Dividers)Capacitive and Inductive Reactance CalculatorSeries and Parallel RLC Impedance CalculatorSine Wave Conversion Calculator (Peak/Peak-to-Peak/RMS/Average)Delta to Wye(Star)/Wye(Star) to Delta Conversion CalculatorRC and RL Time Constant CalculatorDecibels Calculator (dB, dBu,dBm,dBW,dBuV,dBV)VSWR CalculatorResonant Frequency CalculatorConductor Voltage Drop CalculatorConductor Size SelectionThe easiest, fastest, and most advanced user interface available:Use AWG, Metric, and custom conductor sizesCreate custom conductor materialsCalculate ANY parameter of most formulasEffortlessly scale values from 1 pico- to 1 Tera- rangesUnique scale-lock control keeps value displayed in selected rangeEnhanced Clipboard makes your work even easier and faster:Cut & Paste full unscaled valuesDirect access with functions assign, add to, subtract from, clear, and invertCreate/Store/Recall unlimited sets of circuit parametersPass common parameters between related calculations with a single strokeEach formula clearly displayed at the top of each formMap functions to any of the hard keys and navigator buttonsIndespensable for professionals, students, and hobbyistsFully compatible with any Palm OS device from system 3 to 6 whether color or monochrome

ElectristHD 1.161 is regarded as a ...

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  • ElectristHD
  • 1.161
  • Red Binary
  • Any Platform
  • Commercial
  • 259 Kb
  • 262
  • $20.00

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