Command line Calculator v.1.01


Command Line calculator "CLC" is the calculator that can be used to calculate faster without opening any window. Just copy the the CLC.exe to a directory that is in the path on you computer i.e the windows directory. Then just write clc 67+89 and the answer will be presented to you directly.CLC supports + - * / % CLC calculates from left to right with no exceptions. CLC also have some extra parameters that is sent to CLC using backslash parameters. CLC m 1+1 or just CLC 1+1 will display the result in a messagebox CLC c 1+1 will place the result 2 in the clipboard so you can paste the result directly to you application. CLC mc 1+1 will place the result in the clipboard and present the result in a messagebox You can also write CLC 2 10/3 this will round the result to 2 decimals you can use 1 to 9 if you want to round the sum of. the parameter can also be combined with the other parameters but it must be added first like this CLC 2c 10/3 or CLC 2mc 10/3 in the download Ive also included CLCC and that is the same program but the commandline version, it will print the result in the commandline window.

Command Line calculator "CLC" is the ...

  • Command line Calculator
  • 1.01
  • FNOWare
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Freeware
  • 16 Kb
  • 166
  • Free

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