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Word Patterns allows you to search for patterns in text. The following is only a few examples of what you can do. Create word lists from text files. Select the 'Single Words' option and Word Patterns will list each unique word from the text file of your choice. Search for double word occurrences. Learning if double words (such as 'the the') exist in text documents is simple. Select 'Double Words' and click start! Discover word and pattern frequencies. Enhance your own writing skills by analyzing the textual patterns and corresponding frequencies in your own text documents. Search for words with specific endings. In some languages, such as Japanese and Korean, parts of speech are marked by particles. A Student or linguist of these languages might benefit by having Word Patterns search for text patterns containing a particle ending (like a direct object marker) thus creating vocabulary lists of direct objects. By searching for common verb endings, a vocabulary list of verbs can be created. Search for text patterns containing words that are next to or near each other. Collect only quoted text (text enclosed by quotes) from a text document. Find all words which are in uppercase. Parse HTML files for various tags. With Word Patterns you can define your own text pattern searches by using Regular Expressions. With regular expressions, the search possibilities are tremendous! Word Patterns also allows you to save your results to a plain text file thus enabling the information to be used in a variety of ways. An educator might use Word Patterns to create a vocabulary list of glossary for students. A writer may find Word Patterns useful to help expand vocabulary and reduce (or increase) the frequency of various words in his or her own text. Data miners will find this utility especially useful in scraping data from various text documents. The applications of this tool is endless - and yet the future development of the tool is always open to suggestions.

Unleash the power of Word Patterns! Create lists from text files. Search for double word occurrences. Discover word frequencies. View letter frequency. Parse foreign text. Search for words with specific endings. Parse HTML Parse text files using your own regular expressions. etc.

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