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This is a new revolutionary product awarded in June 2009 in the Million idea competition in Europe (2nd place of 174).Keepinhead PC Free is an educational memory software including audio ( education, language software ). Learn foreing languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Indonesia, Hindi, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Latin, or Oxford dictionary (e.g. vocabulary from Harry Potter ), medical, capital cities of states, terms, definitions, formulas.You can download for free THOUSANDS OF FlashCards INCLUD.ING AUDIO IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES directly to this app from or create your own flashcards.Flashcards and folders are organized into a tree structure (like folders and files on your PC), so you will never get lost.You can Learn new flashcards, repeat Learn before or concentrate on vocabulary you can't remember. Use the Daily training (like Leitner system but better) to remember flashcards forever. * study vocabulary, phrases, quotations, capitals, jokes, formulas or practically any knowledge * create your own flashcards and let Keepinhead add audio automatically * download thousands of flashcards created by other users for free * share your flashcards with other users * listen to your text in audio in 8 languages (integrated text-to-speech functionality) * easily import flashcards from Excel, Word, web pages etc. * type and read text using large scale of alphabets (including Chinese, Japanese or Russian) * synchronize flashcards with your mobile phone via bluetooth (intelligent, complete sychronization of databases structures and history of repetitions of flashcards) * use the application forever for free*

This is a new revolutionary product awarded in ... Keepinhead PC Free is an educational memory software including audio.

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