NJStar Chinese Pen v.2.30

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Recognizing Chinese Handwriting Is Very Easy With NJStar Chinese Pen
NJStar Chinese Pen – Brief Introduction
NJStar Chinese Pen is Chinese handwriting identification software that allows Chinese input utilizing mouse or tablet. It can distinguish and input both simple Chinese characters and conventional Chinese characters with fantabulous perfection. With its inherent vocalization function, NJStar Chinese Pen software will sound out the character in Mandarin dialect as soon as the handwriting identification is managed. It can as well interpret a high-lighted paragraph of Chinese text in any application program. NJStar Chinese Pen is a valuable component for users of every language levels. This program enables the user to key in Chinese textual matter by drafting Chinese character on computer projection screen. For novice learner of Chinese language, it can be employed to rehearse the handwriting of Chinese characters. For users with expert Chinese knowledge, this program gives a secondary method of inputting Chinese characters.

Key Features
NJStar Chinese Pen software has a quick and exact realization pace, which permits the program to turnout the character instantly as soon as you complete penning it. And you will be able to adjust the realization pace to accommodate your handwriting speed. You are able to also lay out the program to manually begin the realization operation, which can be highly handy for a novice. You will be able to as well configure NJStar Chinese Pen to exhibit a list of corresponding characters for you to pick out the proper one. NJStar Chinese Pen not only permits you to WRITE Chinese but it besides interprets Chinese in Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. The program can translate the acknowledged character loudly when you apply handwriting input technique. It could besides interpret back a spot-lit Chinese sentence or paragraph. There are several choices for you to configure and individualize the computer program to accommodate your necessities. These choices settings can be fixed easily from the options menu.

With this handwriting acknowledgement program you are able to easily search a fresh character by setting the picked out character to the electronic dictionary on your computer to acquire its pronunciation and meanings.

If you are looking out for a good and easy to operate Chinese handwriting as well as text to speech software, then there is no better software that is available right now than NJStar Chinese Pen.

Publisher's Description

>> Chinese Handwriting Recognition:
Now you can input Chinese by writing it - no need to memorize input strings in various Chinese input coding scheme. With your mouse or an electronic pen/tablet, you can write Chinese just like writing on paper.

NJStar Chinese Pen has a fast and accurate recognition rate, which allows the program to output the character immediately as soon as you finish writing it. And you can set the recognition speed to suit your handwriting speed. You can even set the program to manually start the recognition process, which can be very convenient for a beginner.

You can also configure NJPen to display a list of similar words for you to choose the right one.

>> Read Chinese:
NJStar Chinese Pen not only allows you to WRITE Chinese but also READS Chinese back to you.

The program can read the recognized character aloud while you use handwriting input metod. It can also read back a highlighted Chinese sentence/paragraph.

Chinese handwriting & text-to-speech software. NJStar Chinese Pen allows user to input Chinese text by drawing Chinese character on computer screen. It can also read each written character and/or a block of highlighted Chinese text in Mandarin pronunciation.

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  • NJStar Chinese Pen
  • 2.30
  • 18 May 11
  • NJStar Software Corp.
  • Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Windows2003, Windows2000, Windows2008, Win95, Win98, WinME
  • Shareware
  • 21.64 Mb
  • 1260
  • $59.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
2.30 18.05.2011 Windows Vista Compatibility.

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