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Most of us don’t remember what it was like to learn the language that we speak. We were babies. But we do remember trying to teach our baby or someone else’s to say “daddy”, “mama” or some other word. It takes a baby a lot of time, effort, persistence to learn those words. But with those words and a few others … communication starts.

Communication opens up a whole new world. As we communicate we start to understand other people, places, and cultures. Communication is magic. Magic because it changes us. We now see things differently than when we didn’t understand.

The world is shrinking. Each day we are touched by other people. They speak Spanish, Russian, French, Polish or one of many other languages.

Question: Are you ready to experience some magic in your life?

The Magic Formula

1. Pick a language … any language that you have dreamed about learning … someday
2. Pick a method … Linguaphone, Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, a personal tutor, in a format of cassettes, CDs, software
3. Start today
4. Have fun with it … but be persistent & consistent

With all of the technology that we have today you can learn a language while walking, jogging, exercising at the gym, driving your car, sitting at your computer, traveling by plane or climbing a mountain. Take your pick.

You can be saying simple phrases today by listening and responding to native speakers. The most important thing is to get started now. In a matter of days you can learn enough to get yourself around Mexico, France, China, Russia, or Brazil.

A new language will open up New Vistas and a New World for you in travel, in business, and in your very own neighborhood as you learn to communicate with new people.

Just as you started as a baby … you can learn to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “where’s the bathroom”, or continue on until you can talk fluently. It is all up to you. Just get started today.

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Speak A Language

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