Esper v.2.3


A crude translator Esperanto To English and English to Esperanto. It works by looking up words in various dictionaries on the web. It mindlessly translates word for word. (1) First download and install the lastest Java JRE (2) Using WinZip extract the files into the default commindprodesper directory. (3) Create a shortcut setting by right clicking the desktop and selecting new shortcut. (4) Set the shortcut target to: C:Program FilesJavasoftJRE1.3binjava.exe -jar esper.jar (5) Set the start in directory to: C:commindprodesper (6) Select any icon that suits your fancy, there is a green star in the esper directory called Esperanta Tradukilo.ico. (7) To use the program, make sure you have an Internet connection then click the icon. You dont need a browser. It runs stand-alone as an application. The translator works quite slowly, especially if you use a lot of words that it cant find in any online dictionary. It gradually gets faster as it learns your vocabulary. It is also embarrassingly slow to start. The Java runtime takes a long time to waddle to its feet. This version does not analyse prefixes and suffixes. You can help the Esperanto to English translation along by converting verbs to their infinitive -i form, e.g. amas to ami and by breaking prefixes and suffixes off, e.g. mallonga -) mal-longa and grandega -) granda. Remove the terminal -n and -j e.g. knabojn -) knabo. In a potential future version this should not be necessary.System Requirements: Java 1.5+Enhancements: allow user to select look and feel

A crude translator Esperanto To English and ...

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  • Esper
  • 2.3
  • Roedy Green
  • Java, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Win2000, Win7 x32, Win
  • Freeware
  • 1.22 Mb
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