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If you're aiming to improve your English speaking, listening and writing skills, regardless of its for your own pleasure or for English-accreditation exams such as Cambridge, TOEFL, or IELTS, having a good application to rely on can make all the difference.

English2Cards is a smart solution for learning English without necessarily requiring an active Internet connection. Before anything else, its important to note that the application aims to improve your English listening, speaking, and writing skills by relying on various so-called Card Sets: http://www.english2cards.com/cardsets

These Card Sets can be downloaded from the app's official website and include:

A. English Core Vocabularies: the most important and commonly used words in English with translation, pronunciation, examples and pictures for each word. by learning these words you will be able to understand about 90% of everyday English conversations.
B. Various sets organized in sections for: Listening, Speaking, Audio Lessons, and Video Lessons.

English2Cards is a useful program dedicated to all those who want to improve their English skills with many interesting features such as:

1. It's a deep learning system, the educational cards will be reviewed repeatedly at different times so that you can remember the new words and phrases that you have learned and be able to use them in real conversations easily and without thinking.
2. During learning, you can remember any forgotten word in the text and also get the translation, pronunciation and examples of the new words and review them later.
4. Watching the learning videos with interactive subtitles text, which allows you to remember and search for words during watching.
5. It provides you with the option of creating voice recordings inside cards during the learning process. This helps you improve pronunciation as well as build self-confidence.

In addition to many other features to make learning English easier and more fun.

English Learning Software. Learn the real, natural English and improve your listening & speaking skills without Internet connection using great learning files.

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  • 13 Apr 19
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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
1.1.0 13.04.2019 Now you can get many audio and video lessons to improve your listening and speaking skills by using a smart program that reviews the educational cards repeatedly so that you can remember the words and phrases you learned and become able to use them in real conversations.

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