Chinese Homework Trainer v.3.4.1


Chinese Homework Trainer 3.4.1 is a software for making study lists, printing flash cards, testing your skills, translating characters from the Internet, looking up stroke orders,studying radicals and measure words, reading texts and much, much more. It allows to choose the words you want to practice and do not need to spend time repeating already known words/characters. Since you can combine list, exclude or include words from your list etc it is very easy to practice on just the words you need to practice.The software keeps track on how long time it was since you last practiced on the word. This software comes with a build in support for entering Chinese characters (both simplified and traditional) and pinyin, no need for any third party software.You can both create and erase study lists. Your study lists can be uploaded to

Chinese Homework Trainer 3.4.1 is a software ...

  • Chinese Homework Trainer
  • 3.4.1
  • EuroAsiaSoftware
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • Freeware
  • 32.6 Mb
  • 224
  • Free

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