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The AgentSpeakCIA eclipse plug-in written in Java Language. AgentSpeakCIA is implemented for "Automated change impact analysis for multi-agent systems" on Eclipse-based Jason platform.Change impact analysis involves identifying the potential consequences of a change, or estimating what needs to be modified to accomplish a change. The process of change impact analysis consists of two major steps. Firstly, the maintainer examines the change request and identifies the entities initially affected by the change. Next the maintainer identifies other entities in the program that apparently have dependency relationships with the initial ones, and forms a set of impacts. Those impacted components also relate to other entities and thus the impact analysis continues this process until a complete transitive closure graph is obtained, beginning with the selected entities and ending with entities on which nothing else depends.

The AgentSpeakCIA eclipse plug-in written in ...

forms, program, components

  • AgentSpeakCIA
  • Vinh San To
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