Kloon! v.5.2.1


Kloon! is a nice game for 1 or more players. Theres a field with many cells and every player starts with one animal in a cell. He can walk with his animal or clone it. If he clones him, he must put the clone on a cell next to the "parent" animal. If he walks with an animal, he must walk two cells away. As well for cloning as for walking, theres the rule from the messing DNA. That means that any animal from the opponent touching your animal will become yours. The object of the game is to have the most animals when the field is full. This sounds difficult, but believe me: its really funny! I just cant complain it very good, but after a few times playing, youll have lots of fun! And you can also play against computer opponents, or against one other human and two computer opponents! The game is based on the game Bacteria Invasion by Shanes Studio. That game is based on a game from The 7th Guest. I saw Bacteria Invasion and I found that the idea was funny, but that was all. No sounds, no computer opponents, no extra options, no 4 players, the size of the field couldnt be edited... And then I decided to make my own game. I say "based on" and not "my version of", because Kloon! is very different from Bacteria Invasion. Its just another game.

Kloon! is a nice game for 1 or more players. ...

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