KinderPrints v.4.3

Its unique appeal is that the childs name is boldly printed in baby-blocks for eye-appeal. The output of the software is designed as a suitable for framing, gift giving certificate. The three different printouts should have year-round appeal. No special paper required! Works with any printer, but really outstanding with a color printer as the output is in full color with each baby-block a different color! In English and Spanish! The program consists of three money-making sections. "My Handprints" Designed as a take home product from children as a gift to their loved ones. Features a poem about their little handprints and a place to the left and right of the verse for the children to actually imprint their own handprints. A great school project for the whole class, a gift to Mom, or use your imagination to make this great printout a cherished gift! Available in English or Spanish, the only input required is the childs first name and the presentation date. Can be previewed and printed in both languages. The first name is printed in Baby-Blocks! (First name is limited to twelve characters) "UN-Official Birth Certificate" What a gift for newborns to hang in the nursery! The childs name is spelled out in baby-blocks and the vital birth statistics are printed beneath. Simply obtain the childs full name, date of birth, weight, length, and place of birth (all found on a birth announcement) and enter the info on the screen. Choose preview or print in either English and Spanish. For convenience, an order form covering all three sections is available for printout from the main first screen. The customer order form is dual English/Spanish for you and your customers easy understanding. Just transfer the given information. "Iron-On Fabric Transfers" Prints the childs first name in Baby-Blocks but in reverse, "mirror" image for application on iron-on heat transfer paper available for ink-jets and thermal-wax printers.

Its unique appeal is that the childs name is ...

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