Walleye Fishing Guide v.1.0


Well, it finally happened. Your father-in-law has invited you on a fishing trip with he and his cronies. You"ve been avoiding this day for years but this time he"s got you dead to rights with no plausible excuse. Your wife just doesn"t understand what the big deal is. In her experience it"s just another one of her Dad"s fishing trips. She sees it as a great opportunity for some of that "male bonding." The closer to D-day the worse it gets. You"ve had nightmares about the experience. You wake up in cold sweats just as "Dad" throws another fish back because it wasn"t big enough to devour you! All this with the background noise of he and his buddies cackling as you"re pulled from the boat by the second cousin to the shark in Jaws! Okay, listen up. Maybe the closest you"ve ever come to a live fish is the goldfish that died when you were six years old. Just because your nemesis holds the local championship for the largest walleye ever fished out of Podunk Lake doesn"t mean you can"t compete. Buck up! Have a little confidence AND grab yourself a copy of Your Guide to Walleye Fishing. Everything you need to know about fishing for walleye is included in this special guide. Nothing is left out. Okay, so maybe you won"t come off as an expert on that trip with your in-law, but you can be prepared for the experience and if nothing else have an understanding of the basics of fishing for walleye.

Well, it finally happened. Your father-in-law ...

  • Walleye Fishing Guide
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