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In this series we have developed 4 programs that should help you improve your sight reading. So what exactly do these programs do for your sight reading?? All programs work with a score and a time-clock. We must make our move to the next note, interval or chord within a set time period. And thats the way to get your reflexes going. Sight-reading is nothing more than training our reflexes. In order to do this we have to fight the time-clock. In the case of real sheet music, a good aid would be the metronome, but since were only training you to identify keys, notes, intervals and chords as quickly as possible, a time-clock will suffice. Next to that we find it important to know exactly what you see and once youre skilled in recognizing at sight, you can test your newly acquired skills in real sheet music with a metronome. Reflex or time-trial training is an absolute necessity if you are serious about becoming a good, or better sight-reader and our 4 little programs will help you with that. First, lets explain the 4 programs a bit better... 1) Name it - Keys - This little program will help you get familiar with the key you are playing in. The first level will drill you on major and minor key signatures. Once you advance to level 2, you will be drilled on all the primary (major) and secondary (minor) chords of all keys. This will improve your sight reading (in combination with Name it - Chords), but it will also help your improvising if you ever plan to do that. The last level consist of a scale degree drill, which will first of all teach you the notes of the scale of that particular key, but it could also help you transposing songs to another key. 2) Name it - Notes - Many programs exist of this type, however our experience is that they often only drill you on the C-scale, or even only the Treble Clef. Therefore we have created a program that will drill you on the notes in all major keys.

In this series we have developed 4 programs ...

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