Febooti ieZoom toolbar - zoom / print Internet Explorer web pages v.3.0


Febooti ieZoom toolbar is powerful and highly customizable and easy to use web master tool that provides irreplaceable functions both for regular browsers and web designers.With Febooti ieZoom it is possible to zoom in and out Internet Explorer contents, change IE window size to evaluate web page contents as they will be seen by end users in different screen resolutions. Color Picker allows to pick RGB value in decimal and HEX format from any pixel on screen. Web page history provides basic and statistic data on web page visits.ieZoom makes browsing easier and designing more effective. We believe it to be irreplaceable. Try now and you will like it! Free trial period and 30 day money back guarantee. Free minor version upgrades. Free lifetime support.Febooti ieZoom toolbar features: * Zoom in and out web pages to extreme magnification rates (up to 5000%). Zoom slider provides easy zoom with effective snap point at 100% value. Enter any zoom value into zoom percent field to zoom arbitrary. * Provides good means for print web pages to solve printing problems. Auto fit width print with print preview! * Window size button allows to set most common case window sizes as well as custom sizes can be defined to quickly test layout for consistency. Window size presets makes web site evaluation even more effective. Window sizes includes presets for full screen and maximized modes. * Color picker allows to pick color value from any pixel on screen. Color picker zoomed preview boxes allow to pick a color very effectively. Color picker value is shown in decimal, hexadecimal and / or percentage format. Color picker can be configured to show safe color mark and color name if available. * History page provides advanced web page statistical information. Webpage categorization by the last visit date improves clearness of statistics. * Ability to add / remove any button or button groups from toolbar. Ability to configure keyboard shortcuts for all toolbar buttons. Ability to enable / disable functions of ieZoom where user decision is important. * Highly customizable interface - easy to use and intuitively obvious, with changeable skin support. * Increase Internet Explorer concurrent download stream count and fix Adobe pdf.ocx error. * Free trial period of 15 days with extremely fast Install / Uninstall. Free lifetime support, and free minor version updates. e-update - checks for updates automatically so you always have the latest version.

Febooti ieZoom toolbar is powerful and highly ...

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  • Febooti ieZoom toolbar - zoom / print Internet Explorer web pages
  • 3.0
  • febooti software
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 516 Kb
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