Biogenesis for Windows v.0.8


Biogenesis simulates in a visual fashion the processes involved in the evolution of unicellular organisms at nature. It tries to be a didactic approximation to the ideas of mutation or evolution and can be enjoyed also as an entertainment. It's intended to serve as a support to show students some basic biological facts.The idea of Biogenesis is taken from Primordial Life but it's an independent project.Here are some of the main objectives that this project is trying to reach: * The application should be multiplatform. * There should exist translations in many languages. At the moment, there are only Catalan, English and Spanish translations. * The representation should be abstract and simplified, but still scientifically accurate. * It should be actively maintained. * A good documentation should be enclosed with the application. * It should be amusing.All the simulation is done through organisms formed by colored segments. Every color has a meaning, so it's easy to know what an organism does simply by looking at it. Organisms reproduce and their descendants are similiar but have some mutations that make them unique. Only those who have positive mutations will be able to survive and reproduce, so evolution occurs.Organisms have different metabolisms, and will interact both with other organisms and the environment, which in turn is also affected by the biological processes that take place.Some of the concepts that are present in Biogenesis are: * Evolution * Mutation * Genetic code * Metabolism * Photosynthesis * Respiration * Carbon cycle * Oxygen cycle * Limiting factor * Ecosystem

Biogenesis simulates in a visual fashion the ...

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