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Description (revised) Drug Free Sinus Relief - Factory Direct Sale Why would you want to wash your nose? As air pollutants, allergens, bacteria and viruses are spreading widely, stuffy noses become a big problem for many people. Most medical treatments like decongestants, nasal sprays and pain relievers only treat the symptoms. In contrast, this NasalCare Kit, which is US FDA registered, overcomes the actual problems by removing the cause of the symptoms. The brand new kit contains a nasal irrigator and 30 packets of nasal rinse mix. The irrigator is composed of a bottle with a cap that links to a suction tube, a pair of one-way air and liquid valves, a one-size-fit-all nostril fitting, and a dust-preventive cover. The plastic bottle is hand-squeezed to gently send the washing solution up through the nostril fitting and into the nasal passages and sinus. The one-way liquid valve permits the fluid to flow only from the suction tube into the nostril but not back to the bottle, preventing contamination of the solution and bottle. The one-way air valve allows air to flow into the bottle to prevent negative pressure in the bottle which allows continue nasal irrigation. The flow speed of the liquid is controlled by the user's hand. The nostril fitting is designed to fit all users. It allows the rinse solution to flow into the nasal passages and sinus easily without leaking onto the face. This nasal irrigator makes the nasal irrigation process simple, easy, neat, comfortable, and relaxing. The patented nasal rinse mix is much better than regular saline. It is scientifically formulated with special sea salt (which is better than table salt), sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate and Aloe Vera extract. Each packet makes one bottle of washing solution (8 oz). This unique solution not only ensures maximum comfort during the washing process but also provides a pleasant, soothing, and fresh sensation. It does not cause any stinging or burnin

Description (revised) Drug Free Sinus Relief - ... Drug Free Sinus Relief - nasalcleanse.

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