My Blood Pressure Wellness v.3.5


My Blood Pressure Wellness 3.5 brings you a new and easy way to manage your daily medical requirements and help you improve your lifestyle through improved wellness. The idea for My Wellness comes from a recognition that everything do or eat or how feel can have an impact on any other area. Do you feel depressed or are you stressed out? That can have an impact on how you eat or your blood pressure. Is your diet out of control? that can impact your blood sugar. and on and on.What My Wellness will do is to get you to the point where you can see these relationships. It is easy enough to just write down your test results or what you ate but once you have done that you have a bunch of paper with information that has no relationship without a lot of work. My Wellness gives you not only tracking but it graphs all of your data so you can see things more clearly. The graphs allow you to see a track record of results over time and can give you clues as to what is going on. Lets say you are tracking your blood sugar. Things are going along well for several test cycles and all of a sudden things start to shift upward. By reviewing the graphs you can see if other things changed such as diet or medications.The idea here is you can view your progress in ways that just writing it down does not give you. My Wellness also gives you a way to easily share your progress with your physician or health care professional. By following the data and making positive changes to your behaviour, your health and wellness should improve and you will be able to see the results. Using My Wellness in partnership with your physician or health care professional, you should yield measurable results. My Wellness is where can you find greater assistance for managing your lifestyle for less. Major Features: Quick Easy Data Entry.Unlimited number of Wellness records.Display list to find or add your wellness records quickly.Easy to understand forms.Check box entry on many fields and lookups.Extras for tracking details like:Medications.Weight.Diet and Nutrition.Feelings.Exercise.Complete U.S.D.A food and nutrition list built in.Powerful graphing utility to track your tests and nutrition against real targets.Numerous reports complete with graph data.Export and backup are built in to save your data to a secure location.Track and manage all aspects of your wellness.Unlimited number of patients, ideal for an entire family or home nursing professional.All reports in PDF format for ease of storage, printing or forwarding.Web updates to keep your program up to date.Built in browser with links to the web site and important links to other services.Built in links to technical support.

My Blood Pressure Wellness 3.5 brings you a ...

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  • My Blood Pressure Wellness
  • 3.5
  • Software By Matrix
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 9
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  • 10.8 Mb
  • 316
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