ExercEyes for Windows ME v.3.5


Prevent wearing glasses as well as vision loss for computer users. (Also read about new Almost Free Build-it Yourself to eliminate eyeglasses in 8 weeks if you already wear glasses, good for entire family). Eyes exercise as they imitate the actions and exercises that appear in dime-size animated icons on your desktop, promoting good visual habits. So as to never disturb your work, they can appear in front or behind opened programs or documents. You can slide them anywhere on your desktop or in a corner, as they are very small. You program the duration and timing of 9 icons in all. So as not to distract, 3 icons only can appear at a time. A full statistics calculator is integrated to keep progress score of each exercise. Interact efficiently and safely with computers to prevent wearing glasses and contact lenses, or stop vision deterioration. If your vision is perfect, it prevents it from deteriorating the minute you start practicing. If your vision is no longer perfect, it stops the future deterioration of your vision by eliminating computer-related bad visual habits and replaces them with good ones. It just takes seconds to imitate the exercises and actions these icons represent and having them constantly in front of your eyes is the one and only way to learn. All you need is a second here and there. Its just like

Prevent wearing glasses as well as vision loss ...

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