Diabetes Pilot Desktop v.4.0


Diabetes Pilot Desktop for Windows runs on Windows PCs. It includes all of the standard Diabetes Pilot features. In addition, Diabetes Pilot desktop allows you to print reports, save your data for use in other programs or email, and edit and analyze your data on your computer. Some of the reports include: Average BG by Category - Shows your average glucose organized by category Average BG by Hour - Shows your average glucose as an average for each hour of the day Average BG by Month - Shows your average glucose by month Glucose Graph - Graphs your individual glucose readings over time Glucose 24 Hr Overlap - Graphs several days of glucose readings overlapped on a single 24 hour graph to help identify daily patterns in your data. Glucose Monthly Overlap - Graphs several months of readings overlapped on a single 1-month graph to help find monthly patterns in your data Logbook/By Category - Shows your records in a "logbook" grid format organized by category Meal Listing - Lists the foods and nutritional content in your meal entries Daily Food Summary - Summarizes food intake by day Medication Totals - Shows a total of the medications youve entered for each day Exercise Totals - Shows a total of the exercises youve entered for each day Glucose by Range - Shows the number of glucose measurements in your target range, above your "high" limit, and below your "low" limit. Blood Pressure List - Lists your blood pressure readings

Diabetes Pilot Desktop for Windows runs on ...

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  • Diabetes Pilot Desktop
  • 4.0
  • Digital Altitudes
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000
  • Shareware
  • 420 Kb
  • 521
  • $39.99

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