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Making Web Calendars Is Child’s Play With Web Calendar Pad Software

Brief Introduction
When you would like to inform other people know about forthcoming functions, a public calendar is a first-class method to perform the task. Web CalendarPad software is one such tool that permits you execute just that. It is convenient to employ windows application program for bringing out an event calendar on your internet site. Calendar Pad releases immediately from your windows desktop to your internet site employing basic file transfer protocol. You will not be required to install and maintain electronic databases or no programming is also required. You will be able to easily produce your personal, extremely customizable calendars and release them to your internet site or web log. Just add functions, choose a calendar trend and bring out the calendar on the internet. You are able to besides attach images, documents and pdf files similar to what you do with e-mail. You will also be able to share files in the World Wide Web in a fashionable and realistic calendar format that site visitors could subscribe to using RSS. The tool is and ideal one that will help to create a complete calendar for a business enterprise, school, Christian church, clubhouse, establishment or squad. You are able to display the calendar on a separate page, or display it in a window on your online page, consorting with your design.

Important Features
Web CalendarPad has a compliant but all-encompassing user interface and far-reaching internet assistance. Just about every scene of your calendar could be altered, from the kind of event it holds, to its appearing, set up and matter. You are able to implant files, folders, hyperlinks and pictures in your calendar and edit out any mentions you would like to include in the Web CalendarPad hypertext mark-up language editor, so everything creates a flowing changeover to the internet. As soon as the calendar itself has been nailed down, you are able to print it to your internet site or web log and also produce an RSS feed so that fascinated parties could subscribe to. You will be able to have a trial view of your calendar with this tool so you could check precisely how it might appear on your internet site, employ assorted themes, add macro instructions and also interpret it to the language of your choice. You could besides back up calendars just in case of emergency using Web CalendarPad.

* 100+  pre-designed calendar templates to pick out from
* Store Files in your Calendar
* Visitors could sign for future events employing RSS reader
* Preview and backup function

There is no doubt that Web CalendarPad tool is the most complete and easy to use calendar creation and publication program.

Publisher's Description

Add an HTML calendar to you web site, users can view, print and read events with RSS. Organize your life and keep your company, school or church informed of upcoming events. Use to create illustrated monthly calendars that can look either like wall or desktop calendars and be published automatically to your website, saved to a file or printed. Perfect for keeping an active calendar for a business, school, church, club, team, class, course, organizations and personal calendars. This program makes it easy for some one with zero knowledge of HTML to create, publish, and update online event calendars in minutes. No need to battle html code ever again, you can choose the look of your calendar from a large list of defined styles and templates or easily create your own custom look that can include photos, backgrounds, and fonts. And the built in FTP module remembers your settings, and lets you update your website calendar with one click. The HTML editor lets easily include HTML code within a calendar date. Now, you can also attach files, and publish with iCal and RSS feeds using the calendar wizard. Ideal for webmasters, students, coaches, and teachers to keep online schedules. Teachers can keep their class informed of upcoming homework assignments and tests using the calendar on the school website. A coach can keep their sports team schedule online with game dates and practices. And a priest, minister or rabbi can keep their congregation informed of upcoming church events and activities. The calendar wizzard lets you include photos, textures and custom fonts.

HTML Calendar for websites, make and publish. Generate HTML calendars visitors can view, print and read with RSS reader. Organize your life and keep your company, school or church informed of upcoming events. Ideal for students, coaches, and teachers to keep online schedules.

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  • Web Calendar Pad
  • 2016.9
  • 15 Jul 16
  • SeaApple Software
  • WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win2000, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista, Win98, WinNT 4.x
  • Shareware
  • 20.67 Mb
  • 7536
  • $69.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
2016.9 15.07.2016 Help screen on the publish screen
2016.8 15.06.2016 The wrong version was posted, fix this
2016.2 27.02.2016 New Default Style
2016.1 10.02.2016 Updated style screen
2015.10 14.10.2015 Price Change Registration does not time bomb
2015.9 24.09.2015 Price Change Updated installer with code signing certifcate
2015.4 20.04.2015 Changed the look of the format screen
2015.2 19.03.2015 Interface Changes on Publish screen
2015.0.5 01.01.2015 Cosmetic Changes on the Format Screen Added an Add event button on the main screen
2015.0.3 20.12.2014 A bug fix for 2015 calendar not being created properly
2014.10 25.10.2014 publish screen now has a cancel button fixed a bug where years later then 2021 where not supported
2014.4.4 09.04.2014 changed the default calendar
2014.4.3 09.04.2014 upload to cloud by default
2014.4 11.03.2014 -fixed a bug where editing the listview css file would overwrite the calendar stylesheet -added cutting and pasting of repeating event event instances - s3 upload now tries to get the time from the webserver
2014.3.1 03.02.2014 Fixed corrupted Category table for 2014
2014.0.2 26.12.2013 Program now tries to reupload files to cloud if the first try was an error
2014 10.12.2013 Default data tables for 2015 now included in the install
2013.7.3 25.11.2013 calendar now defaults to full size unless check marked for embbeding
2013.7.1 04.11.2013 conformation for publish, view, and exit can now be disabled
2013.6.4 24.10.2013 updated installer
2013.6.3 04.10.2013 changed embed help link
2013.6 29.08.2013 compiled under windows 8 updated internet components
2013.5.3 25.06.2013 installer is now code signed
2013.4.2 06.05.2013 updated installer
2013.3 21.04.2013 added 5 new styles
2013.2.5 06.04.2013 Fixed a bug where the program would try to publish to ftp.yoursite.com. Now a warining is given for the user to enter a valid ftp server name
2013.2.4 25.02.2013 Publish to Folder is not set to c:\calendar by default Now show the registration screen the first time the program is run
2013.2.2 19.02.2013 Updated publish screen
2013.1.2 30.12.2012 Added support for windows 8
2013.0.12 11.11.2012 Added support for windows 8 Fixed a problem where uploading the calendar.cal file was not being saved

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