Proactime Pro v.9.31


Proactime Pro 9.31 is a useful tool which is designed to plan and schedule time. In today's hectic world, you cannot afford losing a single minute. Although it does sound like a cliche, reality proves that it may not be too far from the truth. Meetings, goals, appointments, interviews, documents to be prepared, mail to be sent, deadlines to be met and much more - that's what you most probably face every day. And if you want to always act according to your plans, it's high time you made personal time management a part of your life.If you are still exploring opportunities and looking for the best way to manage your daily schedule, make sure to try Proactime Pro - a professional personal time manager with lots of powerful features and a focus on you and your energy cycles. This software enables you to structure your activities by urgency (from the most short-term goals to the most global and long-term ones), use various types of time management techniques and adapt them to your specific needs. Try it right away to find out that proper planning can turn you into a real champion.Major Features:To design, filter, structure and plan one's activities,To group them by projects and metaprojects in order to keep overview,To have at one's command an automatic scheduling feature to keep up-dated one's projects in an ever moving world, >To organize the daily schedule by blocs of activities or by single actions in taking account of one's cycles of energy,To know without entry the time spent with standard activities, with specific actives and with PC applications,To know the planned workload,To identify the actual priority,To structure one's thoughts and ideas,To gradually develop a personal knowledge base,To design knowledge trees and nets of keywords to access all resources needed to accomplish the planned actions,To use filing methods in order to maintain direct access to one's books, documents and files,To send, receive and manage one's mails (OUTLOOK, POP3 / SMTP) with automatic filtering and filing.To preserve one's solvency by the help of a personal finance management which enables to keep track of revenues and expenses (shopping lists and standing orders included).Enhancements: Adds day's agenda in order to organize one's days on the basis of generic activities, planned actions and new actions.

Proactime Pro 9.31 is a useful tool which is ...

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  • 9.31
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