Priority Grid v.1.0.1


Priority Grid 1.0.1 is a flexible program that uses a system that highlights your top 3 priorities and the top 3 tasks that you need to work on to achieve your priorities. By maintaining your focus you will achieve the results you want in your life.Major Features:If you struggle with depression, attention deficit, managing work and family, or just the general chaos of life you need the Priority Grid.Life is short and time is precious. There is a lot of living to be done and the Priority Grid is a tool that helps you organize your life so that you get those important things done.The Priortiy Grid allows you to focus your efforts on your 3 main prioritys and the 3 main tasks requried to get each priority done. Of course you can have other priorities and more than 3 tasks but your focus will be on the top 3 priorites and the top 3 tasks required to get them done.With the Priority Grid you will not only be able to answer those questions but you will see real progress toward archiving success. Not only will you know what you need to do but you will also know that you are making progress and seeing successful results.By spending at least 4 hours a day on your main priorities, and the rest of your time on anything else, your life can go from distress to progress and you can go from depressed to impressed.If you have been looking for a self help system that really works, look no further, you have found it in the Priority Grid.The best time to plant an oak tree was 50 years ago, the second best time is today. Plant your oak tree. Requirements:iPhone: iPhone 2.0 OSiPod Touch: iPod Touch 2.0 OS

Priority Grid 1.0.1 is a flexible program that ...

  • Priority Grid
  • 1.0.1
  • Burningthumb
  • iPhone OS 2.x
  • Commercial
  • 204
  • $4.99

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