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Popup Calendar is a useful and easy to use calendar utility that resides in your Windows tray (next to the clock)Popup Calendar is a useful and easy to use calendar utility that resides in your Windows tray (next to the clock). Once you pop the calendar up, you can track appointments and make notes about each day. You can also create fantastic-looking HTML calendars, copy the date to the clipboard in a variety of formats, perform date math, print monthly calendars, keep a to-do list, and do many other things quickly and easily. No confusing arrangements. No cute animations or anything that wastes TIME. After all, time is scarce and your most valuable resource. Popup Calendar works the way YOU want it to. Theres usually more than one way to do something. But the end result is always the same. Popup Calendar offers a unique way of looking at your schedule: by day, week, or month. This way, you can zoom in on a specific day, glance at your week to see when youre free, or look at an overall view of the month. This essential piece of software keeps track of your schedule, lets you make appointments, and allows you to write notes about your day. Popup Calendar alerts you with a dialog box, a flashing tray icon, and/or a sound that you specify when it is time for an appointment. You can quickly and easily view, create, change, and delete appointments. You can even save your schedule to a file, and load it back in. And if you lose track of what day youre doing something, Popup Calendar can search for it. AND, Popup Calendar sports all the bells and whistles that make it truly handy. A to-do list, holidays, printing, copy a date to the clipboard, create HTML calendars, moon phases, date math functions, and more... Enhancements: - Compiled in newer version of Delphi than all previous versions. It was originally made in Delphi 2, which is now about 7 years old. Compiling in Delphi 4 makes for a faster and more stable program. - Moved saving of notes back into the registry. The registry is just way more stable and easier to deal with. What was I thinking? hehe.. NOTE: If you used 3.0c, please remember that you must import your auto-saved schedule file to see your schedule again. - Fixed "Failed to initialize DLL PCProfiler.exe" error that everyone and their brother seemed to be getting. I removed PCProfiler.exe! Again, not sure what I was thinking by using PCProfiler .. maybe saving some RAM, but by now everyones got tons of RAM, so I just stuck loading/saving into Popup Calendar where it shouldve been all along. - Finally fixed (knocks on wood) the NT/2K/XP error "Failed to set data for Popup Calendar". For the geeks: This came from Popup Calendar trying to save to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to have Popup Calendar run at Windows Startup. The problem is, the NT kernel locks HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE away if you dont have administrator privledges. Now, all data is stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER which is accessable no matter what privledges you have. - Added Win 2000/XP transparency option. Disabled if you dont have 2000/XP. Personally, I use 10%. Anyone wanna try 90%? :-) - Replaces old icon with spiffy new XP-style icon. Comes in sizes from 32x32 to 128x128 (and yes, some people use 128x128 icons). - Converted most tabs, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. into Windows XP-style ones (if you have XP, otherwise theyll look the same as always). - Replaced Open/Save dialogs with new XP-style, which shows the list of most used locations (My Documents, My Pictures, etc.) to the left. - DRASTICALLY improved the HTML abilities of Popup Calendar. Its got the works now .. Customizable sizes, colors, fonts, layouts, you name it. Loading/Saving of templates for easy web site maintainance. Now moved onto the File menu as "Save Calendar as HTML". Unbelievably handy if youre a webmaster that doesnt know/cant use CGI. Youll be hard pressed to find another program that can handle HTML calendars as well as Popup Calendar! - Added Year tab. Shows the year in a month-overlapped format. - Added selective adding of schedule items when loading a .PCS file. - Forced file assosiations of .PCS and .PCH, and made them download and load into Popup Calendar from a web browser in one click (like Webshots). - Added Holiday option "Specific Date". This lets you define a specific month/day/year as a holiday. That way, you can add non-standard holidays like Easter, Hannukah, etc. - Fixed problems inputting notes into the weekly calendar. If you input via the weekly calendar, youre just gonna have to be limited to one line. Like I say in the help file, the program works best when you enter notes from the day view. - Made monthly calendar now show nice little icons representing notes and holidays, instead of the Wingdings pencil and dot. - Fixed View Schedule (it was a little squirrelly at times). It now displays the entire day, from midnight to midnight, and defaults to showing 8am as the first row (most other PIMs do this). - Fixed small calendar not having any menus. Yikes, cant believe I never noticed this one. - Fixed week number calculation. - Added Julian Date to Date Info box. Handy for programmers. - Added "Add Appointment for Today..." option to the tray icon menu. Quick and easy. - Removed printing of weekly and daily calendars. Really pointless, since the only calendar anyone cares about printing is a month calendar. Printable year calendars to come in the next version. - Removed Popup Hot Key option. Wouldnt work with XP and I couldnt figure out a way to fix it. Sorry. Version restrictions: - 30 days

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