PRPList - Checklist Manager Pocket PC v.01.08


Shopping, Todo, Checklist Manager software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Checklists in various smartly designed, customizable views for your to-do, shopping, travel, important dates, music collections and all other lists/notes. All in one package. Features:- # Simple way to list item & easily access them with minimum taps. # Create once and use templates for quickly creating lists thereafter & vice versa. Templates of most commonly used lists are packaged with the program. # Expand/Collapse items in the hierarchical/tree structure. View either single column or dynamically select more. # Columns sorting in ascending & descending order, Strike through completed tasks, Set priority, etc. # Smart Grid flow allows more area to view description of the item. # User defined columns with String, Date, Number, Boolean, Category (Editable) and other data types. # Only 3 Steps wizard to create a new list. # Flexibility to change order of the columns after creation. # 25 columns you can create in a single list. # Smartly Implanted Context menu to quickly change views & edit items. # Create Folders to any hierarchy, easily tappable Large Icon view. # Show/Hide mode for Passwords, masked by default. # Re-arrange Column Order as per the requirement. # Sort by any selected Column. # Clear values of individual Column at one time. # Operated mostly with finger-tips rather than with a stylus. # Duplicate records. Also available PocketPRP - Pocket Personal Resource Planning software, PRPDates, PRPWallet for Windows Mobile Pocket PC & Smartphone. Visit for more details.

Shopping, Todo, Checklist Manager software for ...

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  • PRPList - Checklist Manager Pocket PC
  • 01.08
  • 3GR Technologies
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