BookingPOINT v.3.1.0


BookingPOINT 3.1.0 is such a powerful program which provides a booking / library system, designed to enable you to take full control of the booking and borrowing process, while making sure everything runs smoothly. Use the powerful booking system to:Eliminate double bookingsEliminate hand written bookingsStop assets from getting lost and going astrayReduce late returns by issuing demerit points and suspending borrowers automaticallySave entry time with an optional bar code scannerEasily create bookings that span over multiple daysEasily create recurring bookings that span several weeksAlways be informed and up to date by running a variety of reportsGive borrowers the flexibility to book rooms or equipment on-lineReview usage statistics for maintenance requirementsAssign different borrowing privileges for the different assets they can borrowSpecify days you're closed for business, i.e. public holidays, semester breaks and weekends.Major Features: Graphical CalendarVisually see bookings and availability in a graphical calendar to instantly see which resources are available for loan. View daily bookings across a 3-week period, or view time based bookings across an 8-hour period. Use the navigation buttons to scroll the graphical calendar or to jump to a specific date.Same Day / Time based bookingsBook resources for a duration of time, say from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for example, on the same day.Overnight / Multi day bookingsBook resources overnight to return the following day, or book them across multiple days. Administrators can set the maximum number of days for multi-day bookings to keep things fair for all borrowers.Search for available resourcesEnter your search criteria to quickly and conveniently find resources that are available and suit your requirements.Unlimited types of ResourcesCreate an unlimited number of Resource types and book anything from Rooms, Studios, Equipment, Accessories, Furniture, Tapes, Books etc. ... even People. Customise your own Resource Type list however you need.ReservationsTemporarily reserve resources while making your selection of items so that no other borrower can book your resources, then with a single click of a button conveniently turn all your reservations into actual bookings.Recurring bookingsCreate recurring bookings over a period of multiple weeks. Want to book a room every Tuesday at 9:00am for 2 hours for a total of 6 weeks straight? Sure, no problem, just create a recurring booking.Fast Pickup and ReturnSave time checking resources in and out of the system. Conveniently see a list of booked resources that need to be picked up by a borrower and easily check them out of the system. Likewise, conveniently see a list of resources due back for a particular borrower and easily check them back in.Closed for businessSpecify days your Loans Office is closed for business such as weekends or any other days of the week, public holidays, semester and term breaks etc. Prevent borrowers from incorrectly booking resources on days that you"re closed and avoid incorrect issuing of demerit points and reminder emails.User PrivilegesCreate any number of user privilege groups and specify their access privileges, allowing or disallowing specific items from being borrowed etc.Transfer bookingsTransfer bookings from one borrower to another at time of pickup. Say a group of borrowers intend to use the equipment for a project and the original borrower cannot make the pickup, simply transfer the bookings to another borrower and the new borrower assumes responsibility.Extend bookingsAllow borrowers to extend their own bookings either on-line or using a Self-Service access point on the day their resources are due back, without the need to return and pickup the same equipment all over again. Borrowers and Staff save time not having to process returns and pick ups for the same goods, while lines at your Loans Office are kept to a minimum.Auto issuing of Demerit pointsWhy should the next borrower be inconvenienced if the previous borrower returns their equipment late? Issue automated demerit points for late returns to encourage prompt return of resources.Auto SuspensionsAuto-suspend borrowers once they reach a specified number of demerit points to encourage prompt return of resources.Auto reminder emailsSend automated reminder emails to borrowers for overdue accounts, auto- suspensions, pickup reminders and more.Asset managementUse BookingPOINT as an Asset Management Register. Why use other methods to track your assets when BookingPOINT can do this for you in a more professional manner.Reporting toolsRun a number of different reports to see usage statistics for each item, overdue items, items currently on loan, list of items a specific borrower has in their possession and more.Import BorrowersImport new borrowers at any time. Simply map the fields from your data file into BookingPOINT and BookingPOINT takes care of the rest. Most of the popular file formats are supported such as CSV, TXT, TAB, Excel and more.Servicing EquipmentConveniently check equipment out for service with minimal disruption to borrowers. Equipment will show up as unavailable so borrowers do not book the items while being serviced. Borrowers that are affected by an item unexpectedly scheduled in for a service will be emailed automatically.Open Directory / Active DirectoryConveniently use your existing Open Directory / Active Directory accounts to grant acess to borrowers rather than having to maintain seperate login details.On-line bookingsAllow borrowers to book their own resources on-line at their convenience from anywhere they please. Give more freedom to your borrowers and free your administrative staff from having to make the reservations themselves. On-line bookings only available with BookingPOINT Deluxe.Self-Service moduleSet up self-service access points throughout your buildings to allow borrowers to book their own resources at their convenience. Give more freedom to your borrowers and free your administrative staff from having to make the reservations themselves. Only available with BookingPOINT Deluxe, however FileMaker Server Advanced is not required.Barcode Scanner compatibleSpeed up the borrowing process and eliminate errors with the use of a barcode scanner. Use barcode scanners to swipe student cards to eliminate having to type in the card numbers manually. Use barcode scanners to check items in and out without having to do any typing.Scheduler modulesUse the Scheduler Module to automate certain tasks such as issuing of reminder emails, auto-suspending accounts, auto-issuing of demerit points etc. The Scheduler module is only available with BookingPOINT Deluxe.Basic PackageThe Basic package gives you all the features of the Deluxe package, excluding on-line bookings, self-service access points, automated reminder emails, and automated suspension of borrowers.Deluxe PackageAccess all the features of the Basic Package with the additional ability to create on-line bookings, self-service access points, automated reminder emails, and automated suspension of borrowers.

BookingPOINT 3.1.0 is such a powerful program ...

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