AE SLAPD Directory Server v.4.1


aeSLAPD is a family of powerful LDAP directory servers. From the smallest business to the largest enterprise, we have an LDAP server that scales with you. LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is much more than an addressbook (Contact Management). Today, LDAP is part of the standard Internet protocols vital in the IT infrastructure. Directories are used for authentication (Identity Management), and can be used for rapid object storage and retrieval of information across your entire enterprise, or as "glue" to allow the exchange of data between heterogeneous applications using standard schemas. LDAP is the first application protocol since the web HTTP to become a standard AND widely accepted and used in major commercial products. Chances are, youre already using LDAP. Almost all new browsers and mail products rolling out today use LDAP as their shared addressbook. With aeSLAPD you can create thousands of phone and address entries and share them instantly with these client products:Every Microsoft Internet Explorer since IE 4.0 (Browser and Outlook Express E-mail)Netscape Communicator (Browser and E-mail)Microsoft Outlook and OEQUALCOMMs Eudora and Eudora Pro 4.0 E-mail.Novell and many more

aeSLAPD is a family of powerful LDAP directory ...

  • AE SLAPD Directory Server
  • 4.1
  • aeSLAPD
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows
  • Commercial
  • 6.8 Mb
  • 323
  • $19.95

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