M.A.X. Reloaded v.0.2.6

M.A.X. Reloaded or M.A.X.R. (Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded) is a fanproject by the community of MaxTheGame.de. It was founded by MM (Michael M?“A¶nch) around 2006 and became OpenSource at the end of 2007. MAXR is based on the old M.A.X.(Mechanized Assault and Exploration) by Interplay from 1996.Different members of the community of MaxTheGame.de started similar projects before to get network games using TCP/IP done. Until now only IPX was supported. Sadly MAX has even in the latest version 1.04 serious bugs never fixed by Interplay making a multiplayer match close to impossible.After different attempts to get rid of these bugs MM released the most playable MAX clone for WinOS using the famous SDL libs. Unfortunately he stopped development after some patches because of missing free time. However he left the source for the community where it was picked up by alzi (Albert Ziegenhagel).That was the time the community decided to go opensource with the project. There were a lot of gamers on the bbs with programming knowledge and some with good skills in arts (2D and 3D) too. A development server running Lunar Linux was set up with bekos (Bernd Kosmahl) help and various teamsoftware like subversion or trac has been installed. After the removal of any Windows-API the game could be build (compiled) on any POSIX compatible operating system supported by SDL libs. M.A.X. Reloaded was born.To play you have to make use of the resinstaller to copy original game data to the data folder of maxr. If maxr fails to start maxr.log is a good place to start. You read it right. The inofficial package is no longer supported. Go and buy or download a full version of the original game already or wait until the free fgx package is done completly.In max.xml you can set some settings like language, resolution and fullscreen. Please keep in mind that higher resolutions aren't yet fully supported and you might experience strange graphicerrors during game. Set language to ENG for english language. Set Windowmode to No for fullscreen.The developers of this project are:Bernd KosmahlEiko OltmannsAlbert ZiegenhagelPaul Grathwohl

M.A.X. Reloaded or M.A.X.R. (Mechanized ... Mechanized Assault and eXploration oo clone ...

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