Air Command v.3.0


Air Command 3.0 has a great deal of old-school charm going for it, and every time I sat down for a session, I thought to myself, "they don't make them like this anymore."Full featured game of air traffic control. Direct in and outbound flights, while managing the scene on the ground from your radar tracking screen. Can you handle it or will the skies be filled with flaming debris?d-OaoTZ Air Command 3.0 is draped in a rich atmosphere. Pilot voices are digitized so you can actually hear the pilots acknowledging your orders, or requesting clearance. You even have the option of simulating communication problems between the ground and pilots. Pilots may not understand your directions, creating a tense situation as you struggle to correct their errors before you end up with a three-way collision. Additionally, background music is available as an option to set the mood.d-OaoTZ Realistic weather conditions are part of the experience, with true-to-life doppler precipitation patterns. Imagine the air filled with jumbo jets, some of which are having problems following your instructions, and now a rainstorm is moving in. For some stress like this is part of the job, for you it's just part of the fun!d-OaoTZ An airport editor is included to create your own airports and share them with fellow users. Easy to use, players can create everything from small town airports to massive international airports. An official airport expansion pack is also available.d-OaoTZ Scenarios are playable in one sitting, making this the perfect game for people who want a thinking man's game, but can't devote weeks to finishing up one scenario.d-OaoTZ Four scalable difficulty levels are found in Air Command 3.0, including an option to quickly generate new customized scenarios. Newcomers to veterans will all be able to find the sweet spot of difficulty they enjoy, and as they get better be able to ramp it up even more.d-OaoTZ Based on a unique subject, Air Command 3.0 is a strategy game unlike any other. This is a game where winning means not causing mayhem and destruction. Players will find they need a little bit of cunning, a little luck, and lots of forethought. The ability to juggle also helps enhance the experience!

Air Command 3.0 has a great deal of old-school ...

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