X Motor Racing demo v.1.15


X Motor Racing demo 1.15 is such an interesting game designed for racing enthusiasts all around the world.The goal is to develop innovation and advanced racing simulator with tools for understanding/tuning vehicle physics.Now X-Motor Racing is a racing simulator and the tools to create cars and tracks. VehiclePhysics utility that allows tune almost every aspect of the vehicle dynamics.Major Features:The featuresOpen physics model,Multiplayer,Off-road,Flow and viscous mediums such as dirt, puddles, sands etc,Tools for creating tracks and cars,The customizable car physics parametersCustomizable tire model,Sprung/Unsprung mass, centre of mass, weight distribution,Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic model,Steering system,Braking system,Engine,Suspension and transmission,Graphics engine supportsShader Model 2.0/3.0,TrueHDR,Bumpmapping/Normalmapping,Realtime reflection/refraction,Stencil shadows,FSAA,Motion blur.

X Motor Racing demo 1.15 is such an ...

  • X Motor Racing demo
  • 1.15
  • Exotypos
  • Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Trial
  • 97.7 Mb
  • 490

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