Race for the Galaxy AI v.0.8.1


This is a project to create artificial intelligence opponent(s) for the card game Race for the Galaxy. Currently, the base game and all three expansions are supported. News: * 2011-03-09 -- Version 0.8.1 released, with a bugfix for Alien Toy Shop's consume power. * 2011-03-08 -- Version 0.8.0 released, with some AI improvements and minor bug fixes. * 2010-09-11 -- Early copies of version 0.7.5 had a bad set of images -- if you experienced crashes or corrupt action card images, try downloading again. Sorry! * 2010-09-11 -- Version 0.7.5 released, with many bug fixes and some minor GUI improvements for clarity. * 2010-08-21 -- Version 0.7.4 released, with many multiplayer improvements and several minor bug fixes. * 2010-08-12 -- Version 0.7.3 released, with a critical fix that only affects multiplayer games (no need to upgrade from 0.7.2 if you only play against the AI). * 2010-08-12 -- Version 0.7.2 released, with several bug fixes related to takeovers and Alien Oort Cloud Refinery. * 2010-08-03 -- Version 0.7.1 (still beta) released, with many bug fixes (including a very nasty one related to Galactic Scavengers). * 2010-08-02 -- Version 0.7.0 (beta) released, with support for The Brink of War expansion, and online multiplayer. There are several known bugs in this release, but they should only occur with certain combinations of cards and/or goals. * 2010-01-06 -- Version 0.6.1 released, with a fix to the two-player advanced game action selection GUI and a new military strength indicator. * 2009-12-19 -- Version 0.6.0 released, with several AI improvements, GUI changes, undo turn support, and load/save support. * 2009-09-23 -- Version 0.5.4 released, to fix crashes when changing game settings on some machines. * 2009-09-16 -- Version 0.5.3 released, with several GUI improvements and some minor bug fixes. * 2009-09-03 -- Version 0.5.2 released immediately after 0.5.1, to fix a crippling resize bug introduced in 0.5.1. * 2009-09-03 -- Version 0.5.1 released, fixing several bugs, some of them important especially to European users. * 2009-09-03 -- Added links to a mirror site hosted by "Chairman Kaga" from BoardGameGeek. * 2009-09-02 -- First version (0.5.0) released.

This is a project to create artificial ... This is a project to create artificial intelligence .

  • Race for the Galaxy AI
  • 0.8.1
  • Keldon Jones
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 26.02 Mb
  • 232
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