Janes Hotel Family Hero v.1.0


Jane's Hotel: Family Hero is a long-awaited sequel to the famous hotel management game challenging you to test your business grip by turning a couple of bedsits into the most luxurious and fashionable chain of hotels in the city.

You play as Jane, who finds her family business in a slow decline: rooms are too small, the equipment is obsolete and the hotel doesn't meet competition anymore. But Jane refuses to give up and takes management into her own hands.

Jane's Hotel: Family Hero is full of innovations and will please your eyes not only with brand-new styles but with new characters, each with some memorable features. Besides, Jane has a new collaborator - the porter who does all the heavy work which the maid is unable to accomplish such as luggage delivery, moving bulky objects, etc. The porter can also be appointed for work when the maid or Jane is busy.

A new immense variety of upgrades for hotels are now available. Buy new items of furniture, coffee-machines, pictures and even seven-league boots for the personnel to work faster.

Jane's Hotel: Family Hero will provide you with some new interesting objectives: from taking photos of guests for remembrance and offering them to buy a souvenir to such sophisticated ones as delivering clothes to the dry-cleaner's.

Advancing in your career, you'll go through 50 unforgettable levels and work in 4 different hotels, each with a unique atmosphere, located in Hawaii, England, France and Japan.

Augmenting the fun experience are the colorful graphics and 5 distinct soundtracks which provide total immersion into the game. Besides, Jane's Hotel is very easy to play. All the controls and command-giving are done in a mouse click.

Jane's Hotel: Family Hero brings its own unique twists to the hotel management genre and is the best choice for those who want to try something fresh.

Reveal your inner hotel tycoon. When you hear about family hotel business, what do you visualize apart from Paris Hilton? No doubt you think of deep-rooted family traditions. Full of new features, Jane's Hotel: Family Hero gives you a unique opportunity to plunge yourself ...

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  • Janes Hotel Family Hero
  • 1.0
  • Realore Studios
  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista
  • Demo
  • 26 Mb
  • 856
  • $19.95

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