Airfix Dogfighter demo


Airfix Dogfighter demo is the award-winning, powerful action-based flight simulator with model airplanes. The scene is a large house where all of the family has gone away except for you. You take the role of a prank-loving, imaginative, home alone kind of kid, roaming around with your self-made airplane and pretending to be a fighter pilot in World War II.As the reality changes into true scenarios, the house and its interior come alive, transforming into inspiring battlegrounds and action-packed missions such as dogfights, bomb raids, and furious multiplayer games. Airfix Dogfighter also lets you create your own houses and areas for multiplayer games with the House Editor (included). The Paint Editor allows you to create your own terrifying symbols to decorate your plane.

Airfix Dogfighter demo is the award-winning, ...

  • Airfix Dogfighter demo
  • Paradox Interactive.
  • Windows 95, Windows 98
  • Trial
  • 33.5 Mb
  • 262

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