SqlWeb COM DLL and Database Explorer v.1.0


Do you have a Windows application that needs to access a database on the Web? How would you like to be able to open a connection to a SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL database that resides on any server on the Internet, and issue SQL commands and obtain query results? Sounds pretty good, huh? This is exactly what the SqlWeb COM DLL does. You only need to copy a few ASP or PHP files up to your webserver and away you go! This diagram shows how the COM DLL connects to your database through a webserver. You only need to copy our server files (ASP or PHP) to your webserver so the COM DLL can use them to access the database. They act as the gateway between the database and the outside world.Since it is a COM DLL, it is usable by most common Windows programming languages (eg. .NET, VB, C++, Delphi, etc.). In fact, our SqlWeb Explorer product uses this COM DLL for all of its database access. * Supports secure SSL connections * Supports Proxy server connectionsThe SqlWeb object model is very similar to ADO (Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects). The main SqlWeb COM object is SqlWeb. You use this object to issue SQL commands. If the command is a row-returning query, the results are returned in a Dataset object, which is made up of rows and columns. This object is very similar to the ADO Recordset object. You access the Dataset Column objects via the Dataset Columns collection (like ADO Field and Fields). You use methods on the Dataset to move through the dataset, such as MoveFirst and MoveNext. Like ADO, using SqlWeb is very easy.Here is a Visual Basic sample that demonstrates opening the sample Northwind database on our webserver, issuing a row-returning SQL query and displaying the results.

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